About Us

Founded in 1988, Bridge for Peace is an interdenominational, worldwide, non-profit ministry that ministers in the Name of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. Annette and Ed Eckart began Bridge for Peace after her miraculous healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Bridge for Peace has ministered in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

Our Mission

The Bridge for Peace mission is to reach the nations with the healing message of Jesus Christ our B4P.

  • Bridge for Peace preaches that through Jesus Christ we have: Salvation, Healing, Deliverance and Provision
  • Scripture is the basis of B4P teaching.
  • As God’s servants, both missionaries going to the nations and serving at home, we demonstrate Holy Spirit power.
  • Bridge for Peace equips and empowers leaders and prayer communities through public workshops and outreaches, as well as private seminars. We offer: B4P Television program, B4P Foundation Courses worldwide and other media resources.
  • Bridge for Peace Children’s Villages cares for the orphaned.
  • Bridge for Peace provides education fees for secondary school children who have been orphaned in Uganda.
  • B4P sponsors nursing students in Uganda.
  • Bridge for Peace Agricultural Project assists B4P Children’s Villages.
  • Bridge for Peace RaphaEl Medical Missions sends healthcare teams, including surgeons, to treat people in need and provide health education.

Meet Ed & Annette Eckart

Annette M. Eckart is an internationally known speaker and servant of the Lord. She and her husband Ed founded Bridge for Peace, a ministry of healing to the nations, in 1988. Annette preaches worldwide about God’s healing power from first-hand experience.  She and her husband  lead Bridge for Peace teams on short-term missions, pray for people with supernatural results, and train people in biblical healing principles.  In 2012, they founded Bridge for Peace Children’s Villages, a home for Ugandan children who had been orphaned. Annette speaks in churches and schools, leads inspirational retreats, workshops, and days of renewal for diverse groups across the United States. She has led over 100 international missions addressing people from every social and economic strata on six continents. Jesus Christ stars in every presentation she makes.

Ed Eckart heads Bridge for Peace worldwide. Ed’s story testifies to how God uses men mightily when they follow Him without regard to personal gain. After twenty years in industry, Ed left a successful career as quality control manager with an international firm to work with Christians persecuted throughout the world. God  blessed Ed with compassion, mercy, and patience in extraordinary measure. Ed of praying for the sick, whether at a healing service or in prayer rooms packed with hundreds of desperate people in Africa or South America. God releases miracles through Ed’s hands. The deaf hear, the mute speak and the blind see, literally, when Ed prays in the Name of Jesus for people in need. Whether solving administrative problems, counseling those who need guidance, encouraging others in good works or releasing the Holy Spirit’s miraculous power, Ed demonstrates a spirit of excellence that honors Jesus Christ. God blesses the nations through Ed’s servant leadership.

Meet Beatriz

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